Technology and Support

At Westthorpe Business Innovation Centre, we’ll not only help get your desk or office set up, we’ll also be there offering a helping hand while ever you’re here with us.


Technological Services


What we can do for you (please contact us direct for costs for any bespoke requirements) :

  • Initial set up service.
  • Configuration of your existing computer systems to access the internet and send and receive email.
  • Access to the internet.


Reception Service


CPL offers a full reception service in a welcoming environment. The reception is open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.


Telephone Answering Service


Telephone calls can be diverted to reception when you are unavailable, and will be answered with your company name, and messages taken on your behalf.


Postal Service


Outgoing postal service, and the receipt of letters and parcels on your behalf. Your mail can also be franked.


Fax Service


Fax is available in reception for use between 9am and 5pm weekdays.




Broadband internet connection.